Check Out These Forgotten Cereals From The 1960s

I have to say right up front, I don’t recall most of these 1960s cereals (Maybe that’s why they’re… forgotten?). And boy howdy did I eat a few bowls of cereal in that decade. I mean, I ate “Quisp” solely because of the name and the funny guy on the box. “Vitamin powered sugary cereal!” And my parents wondered why I was so hyper.

Top 3

Bugs Bunny was a Top 3 spokesman, er, spokeswabbit—but cartoon sheep star in this spot.

Count Off

Count Off played off the Space Race mania of the times. Shouldn’t it be “Count Down” though?

Crispy Critters

I do remember this one. Linus The Lionhearted says these are “more fun that a barrel of monkeys.” Where have we heard that before?


Makes you want to chop stuff in half, I guess. But you did get a free glider out of the deal. #WIN


Here’s one I remember and loved. In this episode, there’s an avalanche that will destroy Granny’s cabin along with her and her grandson. Honeycomb Kid blasts out of nowhere, tossing boxes of his namesake cereal to the folks in peril and saves the day. P.S. There’s a catchy jingle that is now stuck in my head.

This Me-TV article has a few more 1960s cereals that have faded into breakfast obscurity. If you want to go overboard on breakfast commercials from back in the day, here’s a clip with 52 commercials!

Finally, I’m just gonna toss this one in here ’cause it’s so freaky. No wonder kids had nightmares.