This Foster Child And His Dog Are Inseparable Best Friends


Can we all just agree that there’s nothing better than the friendships formed between dogs and kids?

Lucky for us, parents and grandparents agree and they like to document the antics of their children—both with and without fur—on Instagram.

If you’re seeking a daily dose of squeal-worthy cuteness, pay a visit to the Instagram page for Reagandoodle, which documents the bond between Reagan the labradoodle and his “Little Buddy,” a foster child living in Oregon.

The feed is managed by Sandi Swiridoff, who adopted the dog when he was just 11 months old. Swiridoff was ecstatic when her foster grandson, who she only refers to as Buddy to protect his identity, hit it off with the pup.

The two are practically inseparable and often wear matching outfits.

“There was that instant bond,” Swiridoff told NBC News. “They just loved each other from day one.”

The duo has racked up an impressive number of Instagram followers since Swiridoff began documenting all the cuteness two years ago—143,000 at last count.

“Can’t beat this team!” one fan wrote on a recent picture of Buddy leaning up against Reagan in his pajamas and reading a book.

She’s also created an Etsy shop, where she plans to sell a photo book about the ridiculously cute cross-species friendship. Swiridoff told NBC News that the proceeds from the book will go to Foster Parents’ Night Out, a nonprofit that gives foster parents a night off.

The Etsy shop also sells a 2017 Reagandoodle calendar with hilarious photos of the pup eating popcorn and skipping on the beach.

“I feel like it’s a story that needs to be told in addition to cute pictures,” Swiridoff said. “The good that they’ve been able to do for each other, and for foster kids everywhere.”

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