This Is The Most Genius Way To Store Board Games

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Does your family love board games? No matter your age, board games never get old. Whether your tastes skew towards classics like Monopoly or Clue, or you prefer newer games like In Kahoots and Latice, all board-game lovers can agree on one thing: Storing those darn boxes takes up a lot of space!

Well, here is a genius storage idea that can help to de-clutter your den and show off your great game collection at the same time. The blogger behind Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons shared this fantastic idea on her Facebook page.

Rather than piling board game boxes somewhere, stick the board into a frame, attach a baggie to the back to house all the game pieces and presto! You have cool and functional wall art.


Not only does this save you tons of shelf space, but it also makes your games front-and-center, which means you won’t forget about them. In today’s era of on-demand entertainment, board games can gather dust if they are just stuffed in a closet or under a coffee table. With this solution, you will have your games at eye-level and all ready to play.


If you have younger kids, you can hang the games a little lower so they can reach them without parental assistance. It can be a fun way to decorate a kids’ room as well. After all, some of the art on those board games are downright beautiful!


The challenge is in finding frames to fit the size of your boards. You can either measure and order custom frames online, or you can ballpark it and order a bunch of frames in one size and make sure you have some white or patterned paper or matte to place behind a board that’s smaller than the size of a frame.

If you want to take this whole “board games as art” idea to the next level, here’s some cool Scrabble art to inspire you:

Clever, right?

Looking for other storage ideas for your board games? Some people use closet organizers to stack the boxes and then hang the organizer up in the closet.


Others say that you should organize the games without the box! Yep, store the pieces in plastic bins with drawers, and then label the board games on the outside.


With this solution, you won’t have to deal with bulky boxes or worry about pieces ending up in the wrong box.

What do you think? What’s your solution for storing board games in an aesthetically-pleasing and sanity-saving way?