You Can Now Buy Franzia ‘Little Franz’ Wine Pouches, Each Loaded With 3 Glasses Of Wine

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The only thing better than a glass of portable wine? Three glasses of portable wine — all in one convenient container! And because Franzia, the makers of one of the go-to boxed wines, understands that more wine is greater than less wine, the company has created the perfect way for you to enjoy more wine at one time.

The brand’s new Little Franz wine pouches are essentially the adult version of a juice box and contain three glasses of wine in each container. They’re portable, adorable and oh-so drinkable — so seriously, what more could you need? Of course, you could pour them into an actual wine glass if you want to be fancy about it … but why do the extra work?

Little Franzes are available in Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio/Colombard, Rosé and Crisp White, so there’s a little something for lovers of all vinos.

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They have a suggested retail price of $3.49 each and will be available nationwide wherever Franzia is sold, later this month, Elite Daily reports.

The launch of the Little Franz line comes along with marketing to show that Franzia is perfect for every stage of life, and the brand even put together a cute ad to prove that no matter where you’re at in life — you’ve got a friend in Franzia. Take a look at the ad from Franzia’s YouTube channel:

As if that remake of the “The Golden Girls'” theme song wasn’t enough to hook nostalgic Millennial fans with an affinity for the ’80s, these juice box-like portable wine containers certainly will be — and that’s precisely what the brand was going for:

“While Franzia continues to have a strong pull with Boomers and GenX wine consumers, the brand’s largest demographic segment is Millennials,” said Jeff Dubiel, chief marketing officer of The Wine Group, in a press release. “We want to be sure we’re growing with our customers at all stages of life. This new campaign is designed to reinforce the message that Franzia can be enjoyed at any age and encourages our customers to be ‘Franz for Life.'”

Considering wine in convenient packaging is great for taking along for beach trips, picnics in the park and more, you’ll also want to check out these other methods of drinking wine on the go:

For example, the Accmor Wine Bottle Bag Flask makes it easy to pour an entire bottle of wine into a leak-proof bag that’s less fragile and heavy than a glass bottle. Plus, it can be easily stowed in a cooler and enjoyed chilled whenever you’re ready to serve. You can get a four-pack for $9.99 on Amazon.


Of course, you can always go the canned-wine route, too. The latest cans from Cupcake Vineyards hold half a bottle in every container, so stick a straw in and sip away!

Products such as the new Little Franz pouches will make all your portable wine dreams come true — so be sure to stock up on these for life’s little moments this summer!