Meet Frederik The Great, ‘The Most Handsome Horse In The World’

Horses have long been revered for their beauty and strength but there is one horse who is considered more breath-taking than the rest.

His name is Frederik the Great, and he has more than 78,000 fans on Facebook.

Frederik lives in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas, and holds the nicknames “Storybook Stallion” and “The Most Beautiful Horse in the World.”

And with good reason — just check out his muscular build and flowing, wavy mane!

Wow! He looks like something out of a fairytale (and clearly he knows it!).

Frederik the Great is a Friesian, which is a rare horse breed developed in the Netherlands during the Middle Ages.

Friesians are very agile for their large size. People have historically used them as war horses because of their ability to carry knights in full armor, according to

People later used them as light draft horses throughout Europe, and the breed faced extinction after the end of WWII when the demand for workhorses lessened dramatically.

Nowadays, you can find Friesians at American and European equestrian events, like saddle riding and dressage.

Frederik has certainly put his exceptional good looks to use.

According to his owner, Stacy Nazario, managing Frederik’s career—which includes appearances, photo shoots and advertisements on social media—is her full-time job.

Frederik’s earnings average about $20,000 a month.

In addition to Nazario, he also requires a social media manager and a veterinary technician who doubles as his handler.

Since Friesians are rare in the United States, Frederik has a waiting list to sire offspring, of which he has produced 15 already. He charges a $5,500 stud fee.

With his beauty and popularity, it’s no surprise that Hollywood has come calling. The famous horse has already turned down two movie roles.

“I’m very selective,” Nazario explained to the New York Times. “It’s all about him.”

Like any big star, Frederik’s appearance requires a good amount of upkeep. Nazario says she braids his mane every day so he won’t step on the ends and cuts about three feet of it a year.

To really get the full effect of Frederik’s majesty, you have to see him in action. Check out this video of the awesome horse doing what he does best:

That’s one impressive stud!

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