Free Access to National Parks For Fourth Graders And Their Familes

The National Parks are some of my favorite places to travel and always amaze me.  In fact, our family goes on a trip to visit a park each summer. It’s a perfect way to experience all that the U.S. offers. And now, there’s a great opportunity if you have a forth-grader in your family (or if you know someone who has a fourth-grader pass this along).

Every Kid In A Park (an official government organization) is offering fourth-graders and their families FREE access to all Federal parks, lands, and waters throughout the summer.  The offer ends August 31st.

To claim your free pass, just head over to the Every Kid In A Park site and click on the “Get Your Pass” link.  You just need to fill out a quick form and then you can print your pass.  For official rules and conditions, check out this page.

But why just fourth graders?  According to the Every Kid In A Park website:

We chose fourth graders because research shows that kids ages nine to 11 are beginning to learn about the world around them. They’re open to new ideas, and they are likely to connect to nature and our history.  This year is just the start! We’ll offer the pass to fourth graders every year. Over time, all kids can get a free pass to explore our country.  Current third graders can get their fourth-grade passes starting September 1, 2016.

So what are you waiting for?  Time to go explore!