Freeform will offer ’31 Nights of Halloween’ this October

In addition to the crisp autumn weather, sweet candy and the opportunity to play dress-up, one of the best things about Halloween for me is the excuse to watch spooky movies as soon as the calendar hits October.

From classics like “The Nightmare Before Christmas” to my all-time favorite, “Hocus Pocus,” there is enough cinematic Halloween content to fill the entire month. The Freeform network apparently agrees, as it is extending its “13 Nights of Halloween” to “31 Nights of Halloween” beginning this October!

That’s right: 31 consecutive evenings of all your favorite Halloween flicks! While the schedule isn’t out just yet, last year’s 13 nights were jam-packed with the best of the best, like “The Addams Family,” “Matilda” and (of course!) “Hocus Pocus!”

Speaking of my beloved “Hocus Pocus,” Freeform’s “31 Nights of Halloween” Twitter account has also promised a “25th Anniversary Extravaganza” for the film this October. No details yet on just what that means or when we can expect it, but it’s probably safe to assume it will be glorious, sistahs!


As a magical bonus, Freeform announced in a press release that it’ll also be premiering “Decorating Disney,” a special that will take us behind the scenes to “reveal all the tricks and treats behind the transformation of the Walt Disney World and Disneyland resorts into the scariest, yet still magical, places on Earth!”

That’s sure to get you in the Halloween spirit!

Once October is over (or, in Hallmark’s case, possibly before the month even ends), it’ll be time to look ahead to the next holiday season filled with movies to enjoy: Christmas! Freeform says not only can we expect a “Kick Off to Christmas” celebration, but the beloved “25 Days of Christmas” is also back.

The total time you can spend watching holiday movies on Freeform from October to December? 1,000 hours. That is some serious holiday binging, people.

What movies are you hoping to see over October’s 31 nights?