This Artist Built A Whimsical Tiny House Entirely Out Of Wood Pallets

There are tons of uses for wooden pallets that could keep anyone busy inside the wood shop. One French artist, however, really thought outside of the box when repurposing these cargo containers. He used the wood from the pallets to create a tiny home that looks like something straight out of a storybook.

Patrick Paul is the artist behind the tiny house, and this isn’t the first time he’s used recycled wood to create his works. One look at his Facebook page, and it’s easy to see that wood is his medium of choice—and man, oh man has he created some truly imaginative pieces.

First, take a look at his tiny home creation:

The house has curved edges and a quirky, charming exterior:

It’s the little touches—diamond-shaped windows, a curved chimney—that really make this a standout work of art:

You’re ready to move in, too, right?

According to Little Things, the home was recently on display at the “Funny Cabins” exhibition in Parc de Champagne in Reims, France.

He has also used his talents to create dining tables out of wine crates:

And he’s even carved up some adorable dog houses:

Now, your woodworking abilities may not be on par with Paul’s, but that doesn’t mean you can’t transform a wood pallet to serve a purpose. Constructing a tiny home may be a little far-fetched, but there are plenty of other DIY projects that are within your means.

1. Wood Pallet Coffee Table

For example, you could totally handle turning a wood pallet into a coffee table thanks to this helpful tutorial from The Merrythought:

The Merrythought

2. Wood Pallet Wine Bar

Ooh, or what about a pallet turned outdoor wine bar? That’s pretty cool, huh? You can see how it’s done over at The Whoot:

The Whoot

3. Wood Pallet Bench

You can also create a sitting area/storage bench using a wood pallet. This is great for the entryway or a kids’ play room. See how it’s done over at DIY Craftsy:

DIY Craftsy

If you put a little imagination to work, you can make some pretty magical things out of wood pallets. Paul’s creations and these other DIY projects are proof!