This French castle is for sale for only the second time in 500 years

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It’s not everyday that a 1,000-year-old French castle goes on sale, so it’s a very special occasion when it does. And this particular French real estate listing is especially rare, as this is only the second time the Château de la Barben has been for sale in 500 years.

Château de la Barben dates back to 1064. Then, it was owned by the monastic order, the Abbey of Saint Victor de Marseille. The castle went through quite a few owners, but once the Forbins family gained control of the property, they held on to it for 500 years.

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According to the current owner, Bertrand Pillivuyt, it was his father who bought the property in 2006 and handed it down to him. So, he inherited this huge castle (you know, as one does). But he tells Bloomberg that he’s getting older and is ready to move into a smaller place, hence the historic home being on the market.

“I’m 74 and my wife is 70, and we want to relax,” Pillivuyt explained. “I’m sure we can adjust to a smaller house.”

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And his loss could be your gain—if you happen to have $17 million handy, that is. Yep, it would seem as thought that’s the asking price for castles in the picturesque French countryside these days.

But that money will go a long way. This property comes with over 50,000 square feet of luxury and history.

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According to the official listing, the castle is located just outside Aix en Provence and is a great spot for hunting and fishing, as two rivers intersect the property.

There are lush gardens on the grounds and a total of about 60 rooms within the castle walls.

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Needless to say, you’ll have room to spread out.

You can also entertain, if you like. Imagine the money you’d make listing a room or two on Airbnb or turning the castle into a bed and breakfast. This is starting to seem like quite the investment, isn’t it?

But if, like most of us, you don’t have $17 million sitting around to invest in real estate—well, it’s always nice to daydream.

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