French fry chart that ranks various types of fries is sparking debate

There’s nothing quite like French fries to inspire passionate feelings in people, and that’s understandable. If you’re the one person at the table who orders waffle fries at the table only to have your salad-eating friends reach over and help themselves throughout the meal, rage is a totally justified response.

We’re all very protective of our favorite fries, which is probably why this simple French fry chart is tearing apart the internet.

The chart, created by Food Republic in March 2016, ranked the popularity of 18 different styles of fries, including everything from waffle fries to smiley face fries. The Food Republic team came to their conclusion after polling Food Republic staffers and “the restaurant community” for their favorites, so it’s not necessarily the most scientific chart out there—but it’s still managed to spark some serious debate about French fries.

If you feel passionately that sweet potato fries are the most beautiful thing we have on this earth, you may not be too fond of Food Republic’s fry chart, where they come in a measly 12th place (the gall!). And if you’re Canadian, consider yourself warned: the highly esteemed creation of poutine doesn’t even make the list.

If you dare to look, here’s the chart that’s stirring up all the controversy:

Twitter user, Criminelle Law, was just one who shared the fry chart and got an astonishing 11,000 retweets. Almost 2,000 comments piled up in total as people debated the merits of curly fries vs. British chips soaked in malt vinegar, and things quickly got heated (or, you know, double-fried, depending on your fry preferences).

Some people really dislike shoestring fries, it seems.

While others say Belgian fries are, without question, the best.

And poutine’s omission from the list was, as expected, a point of contention.

No matter how divisive your top fry choice is, however, don’t worry: We can all band together to hate on a recent study linking French fry consumption to earlier mortality, because no one needs that kind of negativity in their life.

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