French Onion Meatloaf Is A Savory Spin On The Classic Comfort Food

When it comes to classic comfort foods, meatloaf has a place of honor at the dinner table. But, sometimes even classics can use a little dressing up to give the family a taste of something different. Fortunately, the versatile dish can be easily transformed into something spectacular by just adding a few ingredients. One delicious dinner idea we found was French onion meatloaf. If you can’t get enough of French onion soup, then this recipe re-do needs to be added to your rotation rapidement.

The Hungry Couple shared its version of a French onion meatloaf recipe and the creamy sauce makes the mouth water. By including the classic elements of French onion soup, such as browned onions, Worcestershire sauce, and Gruyere cheese, this meatloaf becomes a hearty version of the scrumptious soup.

It even looks like the classic recipe! Even though very little of this recipe has shortcuts, it only takes a short time to pull together. And, here’s a little secret for a great meatloaf from the recipe: use a blend of ground meats, including beef, pork and veal, for the best taste and texture to your meatloaf!

The Hungry Couple

The Spruce Eats‘ French onion meatloaf recipe only takes 10 minutes to pull together and has basic ingredients that are easy to find (perhaps even your own pantry, already).

This recipe calls for a blend of oats and bread crumbs to provide the structure and texture the meatloaf needs to hold together and have a good bite when served. To get that classic soup flavor, the recipe calls for adding one can of condensed French onion soup. So, most of the work is already done for you! And, it wouldn’t be a meatloaf without an incredible looking glaze, right?

Spruce Eats

Last and certainly not least is this STUFFED French onion soup au gratin meatloaf recipe, courtesy of Cupcakes & Kale Chips. This meatloaf takes all of the goodness of the soup and applies it in two ways: the amazing cheese topping that smothers the meatloaf, which itself is covered in caramelized onions and melty cheese!

Cupcakes & Kale Chips

These will get your family much more excited to sit down for meatloaf night!