French Toast Sausage Roll-Ups Are The Perfect Savory-Sweet Breakfast Combo

Are you in a boring breakfast rut? Think that a cooked breakfast of French toast and sausage are just for special occasions or the weekend? No way! In fact, we found a fun twist (pun intended) for you and the family to try for the most important meal of the day — French toast sausage rolls.

We love any breakfast that combines both sweet and savory flavors, and this one really scratches that itch. And while we acknowledge that French toast can be a bit labor intensive, the folks at Tastes Better From Scratch have shared a recipe that only takes a total of 1o minutes to make and have on the table — and that includes prep time!

The recipe is so easy, even the kids can help! And these easy-to-make French toast sausage rolls will be even more fun to eat because kids of all ages can just pick them up and gobble them down.

Tastes Better From Scratch

And, when it comes to the ingredients, we’re pretty sure you already have all of thse basics — including bread, eggs and milk — lying around your kitchen.

Another awesome thing about this dish is the ease with which you can grab and go your meal (though if you plan to dunk your roll-up in syrup, you might end up in a sticky situation).

For other grab-and-go breakfast ideas, you might want to try these carrot cake breakfast cookies. Or these apple oatmeal muffins. Or even these mini ham and swiss frittatas.

In fact, we’re huge proponents of anything (and any meal) that you can make in a muffin tin. A previous recipe roundup of ours has this great recipe for mini maple pancake muffins (!) from Bakerella, but the other nine recipes also make us drool.


What’s your favorite breakfast recipe for when you’re in a rush and on the go?