‘Friends’ Conversation Hearts are returning for Valentine’s Day

Brach's FRIENDS conversation hearts

If you missed out on grabbing a bag of Brach’s “Friends” Conversation Hearts last year, you have another chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the group!

Featuring 26 quotes from the “Friends” television series, the candies come in cherry, watermelon, strawberry, pineapple, orange and blueberry flavors.

Sayings include “ON A BREAK” from Ross and Rachel’s on-again-off-again relationship, “PIVOT” from the iconic couch-moving scene and, of course, it would be hard to celebrate the most romantic day of the year without Joey’s famous “HOW U DOIN?” pick-up line.

Brach's "FRIENDS" conversation hearts.

$12.99 at Walmart

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The Sweethearts brand of candy hearts are also back in stores for the season and for a limited time earlier this month, they created a special box for those involved in a “situationship.”

While they’ve already sold out, the limited-edition “Situationship Boxes,” included “messages as blurry as your relationships” and it appeared that the text on the candies weren’t as easy to read as the usual candy hearts.

Spangler Candy Company

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You can still get the normal candy hearts in stores from both Sweethearts and Brach’s, which include the usual sayings “Be Mine” and “Kiss Me.”

Along with limited-edition sayings (some in 2021 that had love song lyrics), candy hearts actually go through changes every so often to keep up with the times. Next time you grab a bag, don’t be surprised if you see some that say “BFF,” “BAE” or “GOAT.”

$3.48 at Walmart

Aside from candy hearts, Brach’s also has new Mellowcreme Roses candy this year, which come in three flavors: Frosted Sugar Cookie, Strawberry Cupcake and Valentine’s Day Party Punch.

Brach's new Mellowcreme Roses candy for Valentine's Day

$3.69 at Target

Hershey’s is also releasing new candy for Valentine’s Day, including Snoopy Kisses, which feature 18 pink and red designs of Snoopy and his friends like Woodstock, Charlie Brown and Lucy.

Snoopy cups filled with new Snoopy Hershey Kisses for Valentine's Day

$6 at Target $6 at Walmart

While the Snoopy Kisses are flavored the same, the brand is also bringing back their chocolate-dipped strawberry Kisses.

New last year, the flavor combines “extra creamy milk chocolate” with a strawberry-flavored filling.

Hershey's Kisses chocolate-dipped strawberry.

$4.49 at Target $3.96 at Walmart

What is your favorite Valentine’s Day candy?

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