There’s a new Monopoly game based on ‘Friends’

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Although we’ve somehow been in the 2000s for 18 years, the 1990s are back. Or, shall we say, never really went away. From Tamagotchis and hair scrunchies to the return of shows like “Will and Grace” and “Roseanne,” we’re all still partying like it’s 1999.

Now, one of the most beloved shows from the 1990s is headed back into our living rooms — sort of. While we’re still hoping for a “Friends” reunion, a new Monopoly game based on the show has arrived!

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The board game is intended for ages 8 and up and can have two to six players. Like a regular Monopoly board, the game comes with green houses, red hotels, Community Chest and Chance cards, and title deed cards. We’re going to venture a guess that the coffee shop Central Perk is one of them?

As you move around the “Friends: The TV Series” Monopoly board, you’ll be reminded of your favorite memories from the show. Of course, you can play as your favorite character by choosing one of six tokens: Rachel’s handbag, Monica’s chef hat, Ross’ dinosaur, Chandler’s sweater vest, Phoebe’s guitar or Joey’s pizza.

The Works


The bad news? The game is currently only available in the U.K.  At least all 10 seasons of the show are on Netflix, so you can binge watch until your heart’s content. Could life BE any better?


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