The ‘Frizzle sizzle’ succulent plant has curly leaves that will stand out in any home

Albuca spiralis, commonly called the corkscrew albuca succulent plant.

What’s fashionable in home décor will always change, but succulents always seem to be on trend. These low-maintenance houseplants come in many unusual sizes, shapes and colors, so they’re a good fit for just about anyone — especially those who sometimes forget to water their houseplants.

Those of us plant nerds (*raises hand!) who treat houseplants like collectibles are always on the lookout for unusual additions, though, and the curly “frizzle sizzle” succulent (Albuca spiralis) definitely fits the bill.

The gorgeous curlicue leaves on this succulent are what make it such a standout.


Like the ubiquitous jade plant, Albuca spiralis is a native of South Africa, and it’s easy to grow, even for budding plant parents and those aforementioned folks who easily forget to water their plants, according to Succulents Box. The “corkscrew albuca” can grow to around 8 inches in height, and if you’re lucky and the plant is happy, it might flower over the winter or spring. Succulents Box reports the blooms smell like vanilla!

If you already have succulents around your home, the frizzle sizzle is an easy addition: You probably already have a good quick-draining soil mix for succulents on hand, and the signs of over- and under-watering (soft and drooping or dry and browning, respectively) are the same as with other succulents. Like so many other succulents, the frizzle sizzle’s light requirements are bright, filtered light, but preferably not too much direct light.


Since this curly houseplant goes by several names — frizzle sizzle, corkscrew albuca, Albuca spiralis — you’ll want to keep an eye out for all of them if you shop for it at your local garden store. You can also buy online and have it shipped, at Logee’s and Mountain Crest Gardens, for example.

Etsy also has many sellers offering the frizzle sizzle plant, and some sellers offer the seeds if you’d like to try growing them yourself. Highly rated Etsy shop VinCactus has 10 frizzle sizzle seeds for $5 right now.


Are you ready to bring another houseplant home, plant parents?

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