Why Fry Sauce Is The Ultimate Condiment

Most people like ketchup with their french fries. Some like them with ranch. And others might go for barbecue sauce.

But once you’ve discovered fry sauce, all of this will change. This condiment is popular in Utah, but it seems it’s slowly making waves in the rest of the country.

Certain burger joints, for example, will offer a version of this sauce on their hamburgers or on the side for dipping.

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So what exactly is fry sauce? This delicious dip is made with a mixture of ketchup, mayonnaise, salt and pepper, and a splash of vinegar or Worcestershire sauce.

It is said to have been invented by Don Carlos Edwards for his restaurant chain Arctic Circle in Utah, and it has become favorite since.

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But don’t be confused—despite the similarities, fry sauce differs from Thousand Island dressing. It usually contains fewer ingredients and has a smooth consistency, unlike the thick, heaviness of Thousand Island.

Whether you buy a bottle for yourself or make your own version at home, you’ll want to try this delicious dipping sauce once and for all—we promise you won’t regret it!