Fun Mom Turns Son’s Meals Into Edible Works Of Pop Art

You work hard to make dinner every single night. (OK, well, maybe there’s a random “pizza night” for the kids thrown in there somewhere.)

Point is, there’s a lot of work involved in preparing a meal. Sometimes you serve the food, and your 2-year-old son says in so many words (or sounds), “No way!”

What can you do to entice/bribe/convince him to eat? Turn dinner into a work of art, that’s what!

Melbourne, Australia, mom (or mum, as they say down under) Laleh Mohmedi had a hard time getting her son, Jacob, to eat his food. So, she decided to get his attention by turning his meals into edible works of art depicting pop culture icons—and the results are pretty amazing!

In Mohmedi’s whimsical world, avocado toast is carved into a likeness of Kermit the Frog, pasta is braided into hair for Elsa from “Frozen,” and grapes become red balloons in the hand of Carl from the movie “Up.”

Check out more of Mohmedi’s artful creations on Jacob’s Food Diaries Instagram. (You can find out more about her Facebook page and blog.)

“I did this purely to inspire other mothers, I know there are a lot of fussy eaters out there–and I did it just for a bit of fun too! I didn’t expect it to turn into any of this,” Mohmedi told SBS Food.

In addition to moms around the world, it seems celebrity chef Jamie Oliver also took notice of Mohmedi’s creations, according Design Taxi.

It’s a labor of love, no doubt. But Mohmedi does have some help—little Jacob is so into his mom’s masterpieces that he helps with the food prep!

“He cuts up vegetables and we talk about the ingredients that we use and I find that he’s more receptive to eating them because he knows what’s in it,” she told SBS.