10 Fun Nail Art Ideas If You Have Short Nails

Long nails have always seemed super fancy and glamorous to me, but they’re honestly a lot of work. Because I don’t have that kind of time (or dedication) to perfect my manicure, I prefer to keep my nails short.

That’s not to say that I don’t love a great coat of polish or even some fun designs from time to time.

Keeping low maintenance and minimalism in mind, here are some fun and easy nail art ideas to keep your nails looking fresh. Because a great manicure doesn’t have to cost a lot and can be easily done while you’re watching Netflix at home.

If that sounds like just the kind of thing you’re looking for in terms of manicure maintenance, then get those polishes out because it’s time to get a little creative with your lacquer!

1. Watermelon

This is perfect the perfect summertime nail art, if you ask me: turn your nails into green-rimmed slices of watermelon. Besides, these cute little slices will look way more realistic on short nails than long ones. Follow this tutorial.

2. Newspaper

Using newspaper to put tiny words on your nails is a unique look that will take your Instagram game to the next level. Just think how great this manicure will look with a cup of coffee in your hand and a book in the background. Follow this tutorial.

3. Opal

Glittery, shimmery, perfect for a mermaid … for all of the summertime beachy feels, give this opal design a try. Follow this tutorial.

4. All White

This is as simplistic as a mani can get. It’ll give a fresh look to your nails and pair well with your jewelry.


5. Glitter

Glitter is always a fun accent. Plus, it’ll give you all of the glam you could need, despite having shorter nails. Follow this tutorial.

6. Mix ‘N Match

Why not go all out and do something different for every nail? As long as you stick with a color scheme, this will add interest to your manicure and look amazing. Not to mention, it’ll be super fun to paint on. Go on and get creative.


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7. Reverse French Mani

French manicures are great and all, but if you’re tired of the same old routine, switch it up and opt for a reverse French mani, instead. Follow this tutorial.

8. Teensy Shapes

Tiny triangles will add interest to a bare nail. Plus, if you use a little tape, this becomes super easy to do. Follow this tutorial.

9. Marble

It doesn’t get more chic than a marble finish. A look like this will pair well with all of your outfits and perfectly fit your minimalistic style. Follow this tutorial.

10. Wink Manicure

This wink manicure is just the cutest. It’s simple and super fun to add a bit of sass to your typical nail look. Follow this tutorial.

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There’s all of the short nail art inspiration you could need to update your manicure routine. Wands at the ready. And paint!

[h/t: Her Campus]