7 fun uses for holiday cookie cutters—besides making Christmas cookies

There’s nothing quite like baking cookies during the holiday season. But since you only get to use those gingerbread, snowman and other festive cookie cutters once a year, you might as well put them to good use while the holidays are here!

You may not know it, but you can use those fun shapes to create much more than just batches and batches of delicious cookies. You can also set a gorgeous place setting by using a cookie cutter to around a cloth napkin. And what about decorating the tree? Cookie cutters can come in handy for that, too.

The possibilities take shape in your kitchen and beyond, so see how you can make the most of your cookie cutters this season:

1. Cookie Cutter Fudge

Searching for the perfect gift? Some festive fudge could do the trick. Use cookie cutters to form rich chocolate into Christmas shapes. You can give the holiday-themed fudge away to friends and family, or set them out on the dessert table for your holiday celebration. Follow along with these directions.

Crafty Morning

2. “Star Wars”-Themed Holiday

Have you ever thought to use your holiday cookie cutters as a guide to create something far more creative? Because the possibilities are practically endless if you’re able to use your cookie cutters to make “Star Wars” shapes (yes, a bell can be turned into Darth Vader). You can find out more about how it’s done, and then try it out for yourself. May the force be with you!

Sweet Sugarbelle

3. Cookie Cutter Candles

Ever thought of turning your cookie cutters into wax molds? This DIY is super easy to do and, much like cookie baking, is great for the entire family to join in on! Light up a room with these festive candles this holiday season! Follow these directions.


4. Cookie Cutter Pancakes

Make these fun little outlines come alive on the griddle. Your cookie cutters can be used to make a yummy pancake breakfast as well as a tasty dessert. ‘Tis the season! Follow these directions.

Alice and the Mock Turtle

5. Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Your tree will be a little extra special when you use your cookie cutters to make adorable ornaments. Get crafty with this needle felted project and then make use of the ornaments for years to come. Who knew those cookie cutters could come in handy for something like this? Follow these directions.


6. Cookie Cutter Napkin Holder

Create the most winter-y place setting by putting a white cloth napkin inside of a snowflake cookie cutter. You can also pair red and green napkins in ornament- and Christmas tree-shaped cookie cutters. It’s entirely up to you, so have some fun with it. Find some inspiration here.

La Maison d'Anna G.

7. Cookie Cutter Pizza Crusts

Something tells us that cookie cutter pizzas taste even better than a regular old slice. Make dinner more merry with these cute pizza shapes. It’s fun for the whole family! Follow these directions to make this dinner dream a reality.


So break out the cookie cutters and make your Christmas merry with cookies and more!

[h/t: Good Housekeeping]