11 Fun Ways To Craft With Paint Chips From The Hardware Store

Not only are paint chips super fun and colorful, they’re free at your local hardware store. So, whether you have a bunch lying around because you just couldn’t decide what color to paint your kitchen, or you pick some up specifically to be crafty— there are plenty of ways you can put those loose paint chips to use.

These projects are sure to add color to your life, and it’s hard not to have a good day when you’re surrounded by bright colors. Place these finished pieces on your desk, in your cubicle or on your wall so that you’re surrounded by these colorful works of art as much as possible.

Find out eleven ways you can create things using paint chips because they’re way more useful than you could have ever thought.

1. Mobile Chandelier

Thread and paint chips will help you create a fun mobile to hang over your baby’s crib, or, you know, just brighten up a room in your home because you’re never too old to enjoy this hanging piece of art. Follow this tutorial.

The Sweet Digs

2. Calendar

Paint chips allow you to create an awesome calendar because there’s nothing better than a color-coded week, you know? Follow this tutorial.

DIY Ready

3. Gift Tags

Paint chips can add color to a gift box and are great for accompanying birthday presents and gifts that aren’t pegged to a holiday. Because that reindeer card isn’t always appropriate, right? See how it’s done here.

Real Simple

4. Napkin Holder

You’re going to have you spring place settings sorted with these colorful table additions. Follow this tutorial.

A Thoughtful Place

5. Garland

Colorful garland is great for any time of the year, really. So, find out how to make some for yourself to add a little something you your space 365 days a year. Follow this tutorial.

A Girl And A Glue Gun

6. Wreath

Wreaths don’t have to be seasonal. One this colorful is always appropriate, so be sure to clear a spot on your door or wall for this colorful piece of décor. Follow this tutorial.

Style At Home

7. Party Invite

You don’t have to spend money on party invitations when you could just make your own. And better ones, at that. Follow this tutorial.

So Festive

8. Gift Box

Never pay for a gift box again because you can make your very own out of, you guessed it, paint chips. Place gifts in these, store your jewelry in them, or whatever your heart desires. Follow this tutorial.

How About Orange

9. Ornament

Christmas just got a little more festive. It’s hard to resist making these colorful beauties to hang from your tree. Follow this tutorial.

Setting For Four

10. Wall Art

Use as many paint chips as you’d like to create an abstract piece of art that you can place anywhere. Follow this tutorial.

How About Orange


Sitting down to read is already enjoyable, but make it all the more fun by having a pop of color waiting for you as soon as you open the page. Follow this tutorial.

Mama Miss

Add a little bit of fun to your life with these colorful pieces. Come on, you know you want to!

[h/t: DIY Craft Projects]