Funfetti shortbread cookie bites may be the cutest holiday cookies you’ll make this year

It’s never too early to start practicing your holiday baking skills.

You’re going to want to impress come time for the big family spread, after all. (And for anyone beginning to try out tasty holiday recipes already, I’ll volunteer as food-tester!)

This year you’ll want to give these adorable little sprinkle-filled shortbread cookie bites a go.

Not only are they perfectly festive, but they are a treat the entire family can enjoy — yes, even the pickiest of eaters! Plus, they don’t even really have to be holiday cookies. Depending on the color palette you choose for your sprinkles, they’d be perfect for a birthday, potluck or literally any other outing that would benefit from a sweet treat.

The recipe comes from the Cooking Classy blog and is super easy to recreate and customize.


For instance, you can switch up the types of sprinkles, use vanilla extract instead of almond extract or even cut the squares a little bigger (a slightly larger piece for the chef at least, right?!). The choice is yours! You could create little gift bags and give them away to teachers and other people in your life as tasty gifts (who wouldn’t want a bag or a box full of these treats?!).

The Cooking Classy recipe calls for a combination of butter, sugar, almond extract and flour to bring these cookies to life.

When you’re done, you’ll have the cutest little Christmas cookies ever:

Cooking Classy

The Cincy Shopper blog also has a version that uses vanilla extract in lieu of almond and does seem to cut the squares slightly bigger to create cookies that are a little chunkier. Yum!

Cincy Shopper

While you’re in the spirit to make everything mini, you’ll want to check out other versions of your favorite classic Christmas cookies in a darling, tiny format.

For example, are these mini gingerbread cookies from The Kitchen Is My Playground not the most adorable things you’ve ever seen?

The Kitchen Is My Playground

And these frosted mini sugar cookies from Two Sisters offer a bite-sized version of a Christmas staple:

Two Sisters

These minis may just become your family’s new favorite way to enjoy Christmas cookies!

And as for Santa, we have a feeling he’ll approve of bite-sized cookies so he can enjoy dessert and get back to work faster than ever before!