Funko Pop! now has a ‘Hocus Pocus’ set

Spirit Halloween

If your Halloween plans always include watching “Hocus Pocus” on repeat, I’m right there with you.

And if your love for the ’90s film goes beyond just watching it to owning “Hocus Pocus”-related merchandise, you’ll want to check out these Funko Pop! figurines of everyone’s favorite witches: The Sanderson Sisters.

Available on Spirit Halloween, you can choose from two sets. One set has all three sisters as individual figurines so you can place them in different areas, while the other set features the three sisters standing over their cauldron as they cook up a batch of bubbling green potion.

Spirit Halloween

If you choose the set without the cauldron, the sisters are posed holding their iconic aircrafts — Winifred with a broom, Sarah with a mop and Mary with a vacuum.

Both sets are $36.99, and while the cauldron set can be purchased both in stores and online, the individual set of figurines is only available online.

Spirit Halloween

You can also complete the set with a Billy Butcherson Funko Pop!, though that one is currently on pre-order and expected to ship around Sept. 16.

The Funko Pop! figurine depicts the lovable zombie Billy before he emerges from his grave, so his mouth is still stitched up. He is wearing the same outfit he wears throughout the entire film, though it’s a bit less tattered on the figurine.

Spirit Halloween

If Funko Pop! figures aren’t your thing, Spirit Halloween has a ton of other “Hocus Pocus” merchandise as well. From pillows and blankets to costumes, you can grab everything you need to show off your love for the film in just one shopping trip.

There’s also some other great “Hocus Pocus”-related news: “Hocus Pocus 2” is officially happening, and now Sarah Jessica Parker (who played Sarah Sanderson in the film) has said she is interested in starring in the sequel alongside her sisterly co-stars, Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy.

While you wait to hear about a release date for the sequel, you can stream the original on Disney+ or rent it on Amazon Prime for $2.99.


Does watching “Hocus Pocus” always make it onto your Halloween to-do list?

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