This Couple Found The Perfect Solution For Their 20-Foot Christmas Tree

The biggest Christmas tree I ever saw was my cousins’ tree in their living room. Because they turned an old school building into a home, their living room ceiling was at least eighteen feet, if not more. And my cousins always wanted a real tree.

One Christmas, they bought a tree that was too big for the room. Somehow, they fit the tree through the doors and leaned it up on one side.

It looked kinda like this:

But what if you could have a 20-foot tree that went through the roof?! That’s what one couple from Portland, Oregon must have thought recently.

They bought a ginormous tree and cut the tree into two 10-foot pieces. They decorated the top half and placed it on the roof. Because their humble abode had a large glass window looking into the living room, neighbors could see the bottom half inside the house. The lovely couple positioned the top half directly above the bottom half so that it looked like the tree is going through the roof.

It may be too late for this year, but starting planning for next Christmas. If you live in a single-story house with a large picture window, you can be the talk of the town!

Here are a couple more ideas you can use for your future Christmas tree projects:


And in the meantime, kudos to this couple for this funny Christmas display.