People are sharing funny photos of at-home haircuts gone wrong amid coronavirus lockdown

As people across the country remain stuck at home and businesses are shuttered to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, there have been some unintended consequences. Since people aren’t able to get to the salon or barbershop to get their hair cut, many are choosing to take matters into their own hands.

If you’ve ever made the impulse decision to give yourself bangs, you know that DIY haircuts don’t always pan out the way you planned. So it’s no surprise that the non-professionals who have cut their own hair in recent weeks have ended up with mixed results. Lucky for us, they’ve taken to social media to share their results, and the photos are too funny.

Kyle Clark, for one — a reporter for 9 News in Denver, Colorado — shared in a tweet that he allowed his wife to try her hand at cutting his hair. She used a dog trimmer, and she wouldn’t let him look while it was in process:

It looks like she got a little overzealous in the back:


Singer Pink also took scissors to her own mane after having a few cocktails and, in a video posted to Instagram, revealed that it might not have been the best idea:

Despite the fact that she ended up with a botched job, she ended the video by encouraging her followers to try it out themselves.

“Stay home. Stay safe,” she said. “Cut your own hair. Screw it!”

At least she has a sense of humor about it!

Twitter user @coachfranknyc said his self-cut looked a lot better from the front:

Twitter user @Davan141, meanwhile, decided to shave it all off:

Hey, bald is beautiful!

If you decide to join the trend and give yourself a haircut — even if you end up with a look that requires you to wear a hat for a while — Kevin Lee, style director at Julien Farel Restore Salon and Spa in New York, has some perspective to offer.

“The great thing about hair is it always grows back!” Lee told the Los Angeles Times.

Excellent point!

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