This Controversial Mullet Is Going Viral And We Have Mixed Feelings About It

Luckily, I was born in a post-mullet trend world, because I can’t say that I’ve ever stumbled across a mullet that made me think, “Wow, that person looks cool.” In fact, in my day-to-day, I rarely see one mullet, if any. I’m happy about this. However, that might—and I emphasize the might—change in 2018 thanks to stylist John Vial, whose recent photo of a futuristic mullet has been causing quite a stir on Instagram.

Vial, the co-founder of Salon Sloane in London and an undeniably daring stylist, shared an image of this very intergalactic hairstyle on Instagram, including four different perspectives to get all angles of the incredibly unique ‘do. Three dimensional, structured and seemingly very stiff, this super inventive style is… questionably awesome, in my opinion:

According to Bustle, a lot of thought went into the haircut. Things like regrowth, shadows and lines when slicing into the strands were pre-meditated. The top section of Vial’s client’s hair is buzzed in a bowl-cut shape (who remembers those?) that eventually tapers down toward the back of her neck. Everything else is left stick straight. In the front, she rocks blunt, very short bangs. In the back, the length of the hair varies. The lucky salon customer posted a selfie to her own Instagram:

Obviously, Instagrammers were quick to chime in with their approval, disapproval and overall hilarious commentary. One user, @shantigoddess, comments, “Why though?! Artistic yes, but wearable?” while another ‘grammer, @amandabraswell, writes, “That’s some blade runner hair right there.” All in all, most were simply in awe of how interesting and innovative it was. Whether you’re a fan or not, the bottom line is that this is art.

“The idea was that it would look three-dimensional and aerodynamic,” Vial told Bustle. “It’s a haircut within a haircut and a shape within a shape.”

“It’s not meant to be commercial,” Vial continued. “It’s meant to push the boundaries.”

Judging from his most recent post below, Vial is no stranger to diving into unchartered hair territory.

My question is: What happens when the wind blows? Or if you want to throw it up in a pony or bun? I guess the only thing this style absolutely necessitates is confidence. Cool girl Liliana clearly isn’t lacking in this department.

Who’d be willing to give this style a try?