Gadget claims to keep soda from going flat so we put it to the test

Anna Weaver

Wish your 2-liters of soda would hold their fizz longer? There’s a clever-looking device that claims to help keep your soda from going flat. The Jokari soda dispenser fits on top of 2-liter soda bottles and lets you dispense the drink without opening and closing the cap and letting the carbonation out.

The Jokari demo video below makes the “fizz keeper” look easy to use. I bought one via Wayfair ($15.99) and tried it out. (Since I purchased mine, a red version has become available on Amazon for $9.99.)

Although the dispenser on Wayfair is branded for Mountain Dew, it’ll work on any 2-liter bottle. I tried it out on Diet Coke since I’m not a Dew fan.

I bought two 2-liter bottles of soda so I could use one as my “control” soda bottle. The instructions say that the dispenser works best with chilled soda, so I put both Diet Coke bottles in the fridge to get cold. I ran the dispenser straw under warm water per the package instructions to get some of the bend out of it from when it was coiled up in the packaging.

Once the soda is chilled, the package directions say to pour out one glass of soda when you first open your bottle, screw on the dispenser, shake the bottle to pressurize it (otherwise the dispenser won’t work correctly) and squeeze the trigger all the way down to dispense the soda. I also poured out soda from the “control” bottle.

Anna Weaver

When I squeezed the soda dispenser, the Diet Coke that came out was mostly foam. So I loosened the dispenser to relieve some of the bottle pressure as the directions recommended. But apparently, I’d screwed the fizz keeper on so tightly that when I took off the dispenser, soda bubbled out everywhere. Lesson learned: Don’t over-tighten the dispenser.

Once I’d gently tightened the dispenser and re-pressurized the bottle with a couple of shakes, the soda came out less foamy.

Anna Weaver

Then I stuck both the regular capped soda bottle and the fizz keeper-capped soda bottle in the fridge to give them some time to sit, to see which would go flat faster.

Anna Weaver

When I checked on the bottles an hour or so later, the dispenser-capped bottle had leaked. Either pressure was pushing soda out of the bottle, or capillary action was causing the leakage. I tried to fiddle with the cap, thinking I’d overtightened it again, but the same leaking happened two more times while this was in my refrigerator.

I read reviews online that say you have to get the tightening just so to avoid leaking. I’m not sure it’s worth all the fiddling. However, if you plan to keep dispensing your soda back to back, such as at a party where the soda will disappear quickly, I think this could be useful.

Why bother with a 2-liter bottle anyway? It’s cheaper and easier to serve a group with this size, and you don’t use up as much plastic or aluminum cans and bottles. The dispenser is also a good way to keep kids from spilling while pouring from a large bottle.

But for me, I’ll stick with my individual cans of soda.

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