Gal Gadot unites celebrities to sing ‘Imagine’ during coronavirus fight

There’s no doubt about it — we’re going through tough times. As the novel coronavirus COVID-19 spreads rapidly across the world, it’s affecting everyone, whether they actually get the virus or not. Some countries are on total lockdown and others are being advised by their governments and health officials to self-isolate. The impact is far-reaching and it’s taking a toll on people’s mental wellbeing as well as their physical health.

Thank goodness, then, for the power of music. From New York’s Metropolitan Opera live-streaming its performances every evening to U2’s Bono writing a coronavirus song dedicated to the people of Italy, the world is seeking solace in song. Even Wonder Woman herself has been joining the chorus, with actor Gal Gadot posting a musical clip of herself and some of her celebrity friends on Instagram that was inspired by a video of a man in Italy playing the trumpet while on lockdown.

“These past few days got me feeling a bit philosophical,” Gadot said. “It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from. We’re all in this together.” 

Her words were followed by a rendition of John Lennon’s classic song, “Imagine,” with an impressive cast adding their voices to the tune. 

The singers included Kristen Wiig, Jamie Dornan, Labrinth, James Marsden, Sarah Silverman, Eddie Benjamin, Jimmy Fallon, Natalie Portman, Zoë Kravitz, Sia, Amy Adams, Leslie Odom Jr., Pedro Pascal, Chris O’Dowd, Dawn O’Porter, Will Ferrell, Mark Ruffalo, Norah Jones, Ashley Benson, Kaia Gerber, Cara Delevingne, Annie Mumolo and Maya Rudolph. Even the original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, was in there!

It was far from the first time the two superheroes have teamed up, as you can see from an Instagram Carter posted in 2018 for her younger counterpart’s birthday.

It seems Gadot was inspired to use “Imagine” because of the song’s message of the world’s citizens coming together as one, which is appropriate in this time of mutual efforts to contain the spread of this disease.

Of course, her well-meaning musical post wasn’t warmly received by everyone. Some people accused her and her celebrity friends of being “cringey” and “hypocritical.” And, yes, maybe some of the stars in it should stick to acting and forget about singing. But for many people, their version of one of the best-loved songs in the world brought some needed comfort during a testing, stressful and uncertain time.

“Beautiful, powerful, kind and inspirational. Thank you!” wrote one Instagram user.

Watch the video below:

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