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Galaxy Hair Is The Latest Out Of This World Hair Trend

Pastel colored, mermaid inspired hair was a thing this summer, and a little brown and a little blonde became “bronde,” but this latest trend takes it to a whole new level. This multicolored hairdo channels the colors of space. Purple, blue green, you name it— anything goes with this coloring technique.

Halloween may be the perfect time to try this galaxy hair trend on for size, but you may be tempted to keep it for longer than just a day. Get creative and start planning all of the rainbow colors you could dye your hair, because as of right now, this galaxy hair thing is here to stay for a while.

See some of the people who have already tried the trend on for size

I mean, how cool is this?

I hear #galaxyhair is popular. ????

A photo posted by Hailey Mahone (@haileymahonehair) on

There are so many beautiful colors.

Having so much fun with the #galaxyhair trend! This was actually my inspiration for this hair I did today! ????

A photo posted by Stephanie✂️Lawrence (@hair_princess_steph) on

You can also go a more subtle route.

Guys can totally pull the look off, too.

#galaxyhair #newlook ???? what do you all think?

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It’s even better braided, if you ask me.

You can just dye the tips if you’re not willing to commit to a full-on look.

I had to post a close up of my client's #galaxyhair I absolutely love when my clients let me have creative freedom with my pallet. ????????????

A photo posted by Vivid Studio by Lindsay Racca (@hairbylindsayracca) on

Cascading color.

Feeling the blues.

You can stick with a similar color palette.

You guys like this one, I think. ???????? #SpaceHair #lyssdidmyhair #galaxyhair #ogspacehair

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Or go all out with different colors of the rainbow.

I love these cotton candy colored shades.

But these vibrant colors are great, too!

There’s really no wrong way to do galaxy hair. It’s all about having some fun with your dye job.

[h/t: Mashable]