This Blogger Turned An Old Dresser Into A ‘VW Bus’

When you see the before and after pictures, it’s hard to believe that the old dresser is the same as the new-and-improved one. But, one DIY blogger had a vision of turning that dresser that had seen better days into one of the cutest pieces of furniture we’ve ever seen.

Prodigal Pieces

This project started when Larissa of the blog Prodigal Pieces had a friend alert her about an art deco dresser that she spotted at a yard sale. It was priced at $5, but because of its condition, Larissa ended up scoring the dresser for free!

Yet, a little wear and tear didn’t stop Larissa from seeing the dresser’s potential. She had a plan to turn this old art deco dresser into something beautiful, and she executed it flawlessly.

Larissa said her first step in was to strip the veneer off of the fronts of the drawers. While that may sound like a daunting task, Larissa says veneer comes off easily if you leave a wet towel on it overnight.

“It peeled like butter off of hot toast. Two layers in one fell swoop! Funny the things that can make you giddy,” Larissa wrote on her blog. “Now I have a clean slate to start with and the just need a light sanding.”

The next step in the process of renovating this shabby piece of furniture was to remove the decorative carved strips, followed by priming the entire piece. Next, using cardboard, she traced out the windows and design of the VW onto the front of the dresser and drawers.

For the details, Larissa used wooden knobs and even went as far as ordering a Volkswagen emblem off of eBay.

Once she had the dresser painted and added the details such as knobs, metal cabinet handles for the windshield wipers, the Volkswagen emblem and the “BEEP” license plate, this once-shabby dresser was officially transformed.

It really is hard to believe this is the same dresser that was picked up on the side of the road. Talk about one creative makeover!

And if you weren’t already impressed with this DIY blogger, she actually ended up auctioning off the dresser, which she named “BEEP,” and gave all of the proceeds to an international relief fund.

[h/t: Little Things]