Garlic French bread swirls are so easy to make

Sweet Ordeal

What’s better than garlic bread? How about homemade garlic french bread that is ready in less than 25 minutes?

These Garlic French Bread Swirls from Sweet Ordeal are a savory twist on cinnamon rolls that serve as the perfect complement to your dinner table, whether you’re making pasta, soup, chicken or any other warm and hearty entree.

Here’s what we love about this recipe: It uses Pillsbury French bread (found in the refrigerator section of your grocery store) as a simple shortcut that will save you from kneading your dough or waiting for your rolls to rise. Plus, you can use a standard muffin pan and dried herbs that you already have on hand like oregano and garlic powder.

The addition of fresh parmesan cheese, bright green chives and fresh parsley makes these rolls so lovely and spring-appropriate.

Sweet Ordeal

This is a forgiving recipe that allows you to make do with what you have on hand. No parm? No problem, you can use cheddar instead. No oregano? Reach for thyme. Or try adding a bit of red pepper if you want your Garlic French Bread Swirls to have a kick of spice.

Serve warm with regular butter or make your own herbed butter (we love these options from Boulder Locavore).

For another light and springy twist on heavy dinner rolls, try Ina Garten’s popovers. Bonus: These might be more suitable for picky eaters (a.k.a. little humans who fear anything green in their food).

To make Ina’s famous popovers, you need only butter, flour, salt, eggs and milk. Whisk it all together and pour into your popover pans (or you can use Pyrex custard cups). Try a mini popover pan for bite-size popovers that will satisfy your hungry dinner-mates while you get the rest of dinner on the table.


These also make a pitch-perfect addition to breakfast. Smear with some jam or cream cheese (or both!) for a delicious start to the day.


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