Garlic mozzarella bread looks irresistible

Love Flips

Garlic bread is so versatile. Whether you serve it crostini-style as an appetizer, as a complement to spaghetti and meatballs or alongside a simple meal of a fresh salad and a protein, there’s no wrong way to enjoy it.

Next time you’re in the mood to serve everyone’s favorite carb, you need to try out this garlic mozzarella bread featured on the blog Love Flips. It’s cheesy and flavorful and will quickly become your go-to recipe.

Blogger Lynda Baxter originally created her site as a way for her family spread out around the country to keep in touch through sharing recipes. While she’s not sure exactly where the garlic mozzarella bread recipe originated, she first spotted it on another blog, Baking & Cooking with Ninik.

Love Flips

In addition to plenty of garlic, the recipe calls for scallions, making for a tasty twist on classic garlic bread. Baxter notes that you could also use chives in place of scallions.

“If you make this, your house will smell amazing!” she promises.

You’ll need an extra-sharp knife to score the bread — Baxter says she even wishes she had used an X-Acto knife. After spreading the garlic-scallion butter, you can score the bread again with a spoon to make it easier to insert the cheese. Don’t forget freshly cracked pepper on top!

Love Flips

This certainly does sound like a recipe that’s sure to bring the whole family together!

If you’re looking for more recipes from this family-based blog, it’s helpfully divided into Before Noon (breakfast), After Noon (dinner) and From the Naughty List (full of sinful-sounding desserts).

Many of the dishes involve a cast iron pan, which Baxter was inspired to buy after learning about its usefulness from a Pioneer Woman cookbook. The blog includes a section on caring for your cast-iron skillet, so you can become a pro at using this kitchen superstar just like Baxter!



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