Garth Brooks’ Youngest Daughter Now Has A Top 40 Country Hit Of Her Own

Like father, like daughter. Garth Brooks’ youngest daughter, 24-year-old Allie Colleen Brooks, has just scored her first country music hit.

Written in part by Allie Colleen herself, the song “Ain’t The Only Hell (My Momma Raised)” climbed up to the #30 spot on the Mediabase country charts earlier this month. She excitedly shared the news with fans on her social media page, with one follower pointing out that Allie Colleen’s song had moved up 10 places in just four weeks.

You can see Allie Colleen perform her chart-topping hit for “Today in Nashville” below in this YouTube video:

The touching song (which Allie Colleen wrote with singer-songwriter Karleen Watts) is a twist on the Johnny Paycheck country classic “I’m The Only Hell (My Mama Ever Raised),” which was covered by legends like Willie Nelson. In Allie Colleen’s version, a young woman comes across a picture of her mother, who has sadly passed away. As she looks at the image, the beautiful, fearless energy radiating off her long-lost mother resonates with the daughter’s own spirit.

This isn’t the first song she has released. The native Oklahoman, who is now Nashville-based and has been married to Jonathan Roberts since 2018, has also put out singles like “Best Friend,” “Road You Take,” “Along the Way” and her debut, “Work in Progress.” In this YouTube video, she performs that catchy tune for “Today in Nashville.”

She posts lyrics videos and other content to her YouTube page and also has a website where you can find out more about what she’s up to.

Allie Colleen’s musical prowess should come as no surprise, but she’s more than just her father’s daughter. She earned her musical aptitude through hard work, recently graduating from Nashville’s Belmont University with a degree in Songwriting and Music Business. Belmont University is heralded as being one of the best colleges in the country to study music and the performing arts.

In the past, Allie Colleen has been a backup singer for her famous father. (Her mother is Sandy Mahl, and her stepmom is Trisha Yearwood). Allie Colleen says that the country music legend was always a good parent to her.

“I don’t know what it’s like to have celebrity parents,” she said in a recent podcast interview. “My dad was there every night.”


Indeed, it was Brooks who urged his daughter to finish college before beginning a professional music career. And it looks all of that hard work and education certainly paid off!