Garth Brooks Adorably Helps Couple With A Gender Reveal In The Middle Of His Concert

An expectant husband and wife who love country music will never forget how their gender reveal turned out. That’s because they got a little help from someone who definitely wasn’t a friend in low places. In fact, it was country superstar Garth Brooks onstage at a concert!

Wesley Hansen wrote on the Facebook page Love What Matters that he and his wife Katy went for an ultrasound the day before they saw Garth Brooks in concert in Los Angeles. “…Katy mentioned the idea of making a sign, thinking about how cool it would be if Garth revealed our baby gender. We knew it was a slim chance but worth a shot,” he wrote.

Katy’s sign featured a line from a classic Brooks song, reading, “WORKING ON A FULL HOUSE,” along with “BOY?” and “GIRL?” Inside Edition grabbed a shot:

Brooks noticed the sign, too, and lucky for us, it was all caught on video. The pair were invited right next to the stage, and the singer asked if they had names in mind. Whether it was already a plan or they decided right then to memorialize the moment, the parents-to-be shared that, boy or girl, the name will be Brooks.

Then the country star opened up those sonogram results in front of the entire L.A. concert audience.

“I gotta tell you, I’m extremely happy for you, because I have three of these,” Brooks said. He is the proud father of three daughters, which means baby Brooks is going to be a girl! He gave some solid advice on raising young girls, and then dropped another surprise. The country singer said he wanted to make a deal: If he’s still alive by then, he’d like to send baby Brooks to college.

“We have both been Garth Brooks fans since we were little and are still in shock that this happened,” Hansen wrote.

Watch the whole thing here: