Couple expecting sextuplets gets epic gender-reveal party

The anticipation at a gender-reveal party is always high.

But for Courtney and Eric Waldrop from Albertville, Alabama, who already have three boys, finding out whether they were finally going to have a baby girl was extremely exciting. On top of that, the couple is expecting sextuplets, so they had not one but six chances to bring a little girl into the world. If there were ever a good reason to have a gender reveal party, we’d say this one was it.

When they decided to try for a fourth child, Courtney was really hoping she’d finally have a baby girl. After having difficulty conceiving, the couple sought fertility treatments. When they finally got pregnant, they found out they were having not one—but six—babies!

The couple already has one set of twins, their 5-year-old sons, and their big brother is 8.

“We’re excited, nervous, overwhelmed,” the couple told Inside Edition. “We never imagined six [babies] whatsoever.”

And now that they’re preparing for six little ones to arrive, it makes sense that they’re worried about costs. Six of everything—strollers, diapers, car seats—will be very expensive.

But their church held a fundraiser to help the family out, and they also planned an incredible gender reveal party.

You can find out what the couple’s having in the video below.

People use all kinds of cutesy gimmicks to reveal the sex of their babies, from cakes filled with pink or blue icing to releasing pink or blue balloons from a box. But the Waldrops found out the genders of their sextuplets when pink or blue smoke was emitted from sparklers. The whole thing is very cute, so if you’re planning a gender-reveal party, you may just want to keep this in mind!

As for what this couple is having—spoiler alert: There are three of each in store. The look on the mom’s face when the first girl is announced really says it all. She couldn’t be more ecstatic!

“I’m so excited,” the mom-to-be told Inside Edition. “Three girls and three boys. I mean—it couldn’t be any more perfect.”

Courtney shared a Facebook post in August featuring ultrasound pictures of the sextuplets, writing that the concern “at this point is being able to take in the huge amount of calories required to keep this many babies and myself healthy. So please pray that my appetite will allow me to eat like I’ve never eaten before.”

Despite the complications for both mom and babies that can go along with delivering six babies—from preterm birth to gestational diabetes—the family is hopeful that all will turn out well.

“It’s going to be something,” Courtney told “We just know God is going to get us through, somehow, someway.”

According to the CDC, about 24 births involving quintuplets or higher numbers of multiples happen each year in the U.S., so the Waldrop family is certainly in select company.


They’re expecting the babies to arrive around the first of December. Here’s wishing all the best to the happy—and growing—family!