Genius Dad Created A Way To End Car Fights Between His Kids

No more food stealing for these three!

When you’re a parent, being a problem-solver pretty much becomes your full-time job. When you’re a parent of triplets, that problem-solving part of you gets put into hyper-drive.

Having triplets comes with a special set of challenges, and having to strap them all into car seats is definitely one of them. Once they’re in safe and sound, it’s time to get on the road. But then, what happens when one of them reaches out and steals a snack from the other? Chaos commences.

This resourceful dad found a way to end all of that, though. Jake and Jen White are the parents to Xavier, Stella and Jude. And Jake White, a stay-at-home-dad, had about enough of the car fights when he came up with this genius idea. Dividers!

According to TODAY, he used foam core board to create divisions between each of his children. When he posted about this little idea of his to Facebook, it went viral! Because really, the photo and the caption couldn’t be more accurate.

“I really had no idea this was viral material, but now that I look at the combination of components in the photo and the caption, it makes sense why it went viral. Parents get it when it comes to problem solving,” he told

Triplets or not, this is definitely something parents can relate to, so it’s no wonder it received so much attention.

In case you’re wondering how you can do this yourself, White chose foam core because the kids aren’t strong enough to bend it. The publication reports that it only took him about five minutes to install.

So, yes, you, too, could be just five minutes away from peaceful drives. Because that’s exactly what this division system will give you.

“Guys, driving was so peaceful,” he said. Ahh, finally! Peace and quiet.