10 Genius Flasks For Hiding Your Alcohol In Plain Sight

Maybe you’re at a concert and the line for the bar is too long. Or you’re at a dry wedding. Or on a public beach. Thankfully, plenty of ingenious boozehounds have come up with an array of clever ways to hide your hooch no matter where you are. Keep reading, and may you always have a full glass.

1. The Book Flask

Bring this book flask to any event or location where you might be able to get away with “reading” in the corner.


2. The Wine Rack / Beer Belly

Nothing like a clever pun to get one excited about sneaking booze. This sports bra holds up to 25 ounces of your desired beverage, while the Beer Belly holds up to a whopping 80 ounces. That’s a lot more than your average flask. Just have a backup shirt in case it bursts.

wine rack

3. Booze Tubes

Sorry guys. This one is just for the ladies. Five individual tubes carry liquor concealed in a fake tampon wrapper. A funnel is included, too. There’s no way a bouncer is going near these.

Shop Catalog

4. Lotion Flasks

Discreet as can be, these lotion flasks can hold up to 4 ounces of alcohol. Bring them to the beach or the pool, and you’ll look like just one more person suffering from dry skin.

lotion flasks

5. Camera Flask

Decidedly more unisex, the Camera Flask is perfect for tourists or concert-goers.

camera flask
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6. Shampoo and Conditioner Flasks

Disguised as shampoo and conditioner, each of these bottles holds up to 16 oz. of alcohol. That’s four glasses of wine!

shampoo flask

7. Wallet Flask

If you don’t carry a handbag, the wallet flask is perfect. Unfortunately, it only carries 2 oz., but at least it’s a start!


8. Umbrella Flask

Just like a real umbrella, be sure to grab this umbrella flask on your way out the door! This very realistic-looking umbrella holds up to 9 ounces of alcohol. Even better, the company behind it continually changes its design to prevent anyone from catching on.

umbrella flask

9. Scarf Flask / Tie Flask

The best part of this scarf flask (for the ladies) and this tie flask (for the men) is that you can wear it. Use the scarf at picnics or at the park or, in the case of the tie, use it after work on your train ride home.


10. Mittens Flask

If it’s cold outside, throw on these mitten flasks to keep yourself warm. The spout comes out at the thumb, so you can easily look like you’re sucking your thumb 2-year-old style.

mitten flask


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