7 Genius Gift-Wrapping Tricks To Save You Time And Sanity This Holiday Season

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If you have a lot of family and friends, you likely come home from holiday shopping with bags full of stuff.

It can be overwhelming trying to get everything wrapped, and finding yourself in a tangle of ribbons and tape can make even the most spirited of activities seem frustrating. If you’re spending tons of time trying to wrap each present perfectly, it might be helpful to learn some gift-wrapping tips and tricks to make your life much easier.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make your present prepping so much easier. Here are seven genius gift-wrapping hacks to help you this holiday season.

1. Make A Gift-Bag From Wrapping Paper

If you’re wrapping presents and you find that something would fit better in a bag, there’s no need to run out to the store. Instead, you can use wrapping paper to make a gift bag at home, and all you need is tape and ribbon.

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2. Straighten Ribbon Creases With A Flat Iron

Nothing’s worse than a ribbon that’s all crinkled and full of creases, but don’t toss out your roll just yet. Get out that flat iron and lightly run it over your ribbon to help flatten it out and prep it for the perfect wrap.

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3. Use Photos As Gift Tags

Skip the gift tags in your shopping basket and opt to make your own at home. Make them personal by printing out photos of your loved ones, attaching them to ribbon, and writing a quick message on the back.

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4. Wrap A Bottle In A Kitchen Towel

If you need to gift a bottle of wine, wrap it up in a cute kitchen towel and tie it with a ribbon. It’s not only quick and cheap, but your recipient will also be able to use the towel once they unwrap their present.

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5. Use Recycled Newspaper

It may not be as traditional as other forms of gift-wrapping, but it’s definitely inexpensive. Plus, you can spruce up the look of newspaper by adding red ribbon and other decorations such as evergreen twigs and red berries.

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6. Make Pillow Boxes From Toilet Paper Rolls

If you’ve got a small present like a gift card or a bracelet, you can gift it in a small pillow box. The best part is, you can use the cardboard from toilet paper rolls to make your own eco-friendly pillow boxes at home.

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7. Create Bows From Wrapping Paper

Running out of bows is no problem as long as you still have wrapping paper. With some scissors and a little handiwork, you can create some ribbons with what you’ve got, so all your presents look like they’ve got their own cherry on top.

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