Genius New Bike Lock Makes Would-Be Bike Thieves Vomit

Riding a bike is such a great way to get around. It’s green. It’s inexpensive. It’s a fun workout. And, let’s face it, it’s just darn fun! Flying down the streets with the wind in your hair while you blast some Beyonce? Yep, that’s our idea of a good time! It makes you feel like a kid again.

Tumblr, Shuggar

But you know what can easily turn you back into a stressed, angry adult? Bike thieves! Yep, nothing will put a cramp in your day quite like walking out of the grocery store and finding out that some jerk just rode off with your new Schwinn. Curses upon them!


And don’t think it’s so simple as just locking your bike. Even expensive bike locks can fail, and they often do. Thieves can—and will—hack through any bike lock, especially if you have a sweet set of wheels.

Tumblr, Shuggar

Well, thankfully, that’s about to change. Innovators behind the new bike lock SkunkLock have devoted themselves to stopping bike thieves in their tracks… by making them sick as dogs. SkunkLock works sort of like pepper spray. The idea is that when thieves try to cut into the lock, within seconds a noxious gas is released into the air that will, in most cases, make the thief vomit.

“The chemicals are so disgusting they induce vomit in the majority of cases, and elicit an instinctive response to run away immediately,” the company states.

The SkunkLock is not available for purchase yet, but the inventors say that it is doing remarkably well in their testing. As they told The Guardian, they are hopeful it will be available come June 2017. They are currently crowdfunding via Indiegogo, if you love this idea and want to throw some money their way.

Let’s hope the SkunkLock hits the shelves soon. Even if you don’t ride a bike, you just have to admit this is a pretty ingenious invention. Thanks to SkunkLock, bikers won’t ever to have to give thieves a passing thought. Unless you want to hand them a water after they are done getting sick, of course.