11 Genius Things Your Kitchen Sink Needs Right Now

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Your kitchen is the heart of your home where you nourish your family and entertain friends. Because of its constant use, it can quickly become the dirtiest, most cluttered room in your house. Getting your partner and kids to help with the cleaning may be a chore in itself. But organizing the chaos is a terrific way to begin controlling the untidiness. And, starting with the kitchen sink is a great place to begin.

When you have a place for everything, it makes it easier for the whole family to put everything in its place. Check out these effective and attractive items that quickly help you clear away kitchen clutter.

Pullout Waste Bin

Everyone has garbage, but nobody wants to display their kitchen rubbish. Tuck the trash under the sink with this set, which includes a mounting kit (only four screws to install) and lidded bin.


Collapsible Dish Drainer

Whether you prefer old-fashioned hand washing or simply need to scrub a handful of kitchenware now and then, you need a place to let them dry. This drainer extends to fit right over any sink and collapses flat for easy storage.


Flower in Vase Dish Brush

Practical kitchen items don’t have to look utilitarian. This charming multi-purpose brush will brighten your sink while helping you scrub the dishes. These brushes are available in more than a dozen designs, including other colorful flowers, dolls and even a cow.


Removable Under-Sink Caddy

The cabinet below your sink is an ideal place to store everyday cleaning items. Make them more accessible with this shelf, which rolls out so you can grab one item. Alternatively, you can grab the handle and use it as a cleaning caddy.


Over the Sink Dish Rack

Smaller kitchens can seem impossible to declutter because of the lack of space. This customizable rack can serve as a place to dry dishes or as a storage solution to keep your most-used items handy yet organized.


Under the Kitchen Sink Sliding Basket

The empty space under the sink can be a valuable storage spot, but it needs to be manageable. This two-tiered shelf provides sliding baskets to make it simple to store and grab various sized items.


Tip-out Trays

Have you ever wondered why they put those fake drawer fronts under the kitchen sink? Make use of them by installing these tip-out trays, which are just right for sponges, jewelry and other small objects.


Dish Towel Bar

Using cloth kitchen towels rather than paper towels cuts down on waste and even saves you money (although you should wash them frequently to prevent germy yuckiness). Keep them handy by installing a rack on the door under the sink, such as this one.


Plastic Bag Holder

Do you have grocery bags filled with about a gazillion more bags stuffed in a cupboard somewhere? Stop the insanity and hang this simple container on the inside of the door beneath the kitchen sink so you can actually start using them.


Dual Soap Dispenser and Caddy

Keep hand soap, dish soap and sponges at the ready with this clean and classy dispenser and caddy. The pumps are perfect for little fingers or those moments when you only have one free hand.


Brush and Sponge Caddy

Let your sponges, brushes and dishcloths drip dry with style. This stainless steel caddy hangs on your kitchen sink with the combo of suction cups and a hook. The brush holder features a silicone bottom that extends to contain longer-handled brushes with ease.

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With so many appealing and easy to use gadgets, you’ll have your kitchen organized and sparkling in no time.

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