Here’s A Genius Trick To Get Rid Of Pet Hair In Your House

Tired of finding dog or cat hair on every surface in your house? You sit down on the couch, and there’s hair. You climb into bed, and find more hair.

And you didn’t want dog or cat hair with your dinner, thank you very much. Your pet’s been shedding everywhere!

Well, at long last, there’s a solution for getting rid of pet hair — and it’s brilliant!

Just slip on a rubber glove and run your hand over whatever surface is covered in pet hair, and like magic, all of the fur sticks to the glove in one clump that you can conveniently toss in the garbage.

rubber gloves photo

If you don’t have any rubber gloves around (but seriously, get some!), try one of these other pet hair-removal methods in the meantime.

Dogtime recommends a dry or slightly damp sponge, a microfiber cloth, a Velcro-type lint brush, or … rubber gloves.

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Good Housekeeping, too, agrees about the rubber gloves — slightly damp (unless we’re talking about silk; then, dry gloves will do).

SheKnows suggests dryer sheets, a lint roller, a balloon or two (yep, the same way your kids rub one onto their hair!), or, you guessed it … rubber gloves!

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Another totally quirky idea?

A leotard for pets.

It’s called the Shed Defender, and it’s a fashionable, leotard-onesie that keeps your dog’s hair contained. This spandex suit comes in all sorts of colors and helps get your dog’s shedding in check, thus keeping your couch, bed, car and anywhere else your dog frequents much tidier than ever before.

Aside from keeping your best friend looking cuter than ever, it keeps allergens and dander to a minimum and, like a ThunderShirt, even helps “reduce anxiety and stop the constant barking” thanks to its “calming effect once put on.”

Shed Defender

It also helps protect against bugs, ticks and burrs, which often get lodged in fur. Plus, it acts as a nice, cozy warming layer for the cold winter months.

What do you think? Would you be able to look at your dog without laughing?

Shed Defender

More interested in the rubber glove idea? Watch this video from Leslie Reichert and see how you, too, can clean up pet hair in just a few minutes.

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Then, seal the box and stash it away somewhere for at least a month. Basically, try to forget about it.


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