12 Genius Ways To Use Silicone Baking Cups You Probably Hadn’t Thought Of Yet

These are clever!

Silicone cupcake and muffin liners are nice for baking. Treats bake evenly and come out nicely. Plus, the cups are easy to clean.

However, they have uses far beyond pastry making. Check out these brilliant silicone liner hacks you can use throughout your home.

1. Mise en Place

Cooking or baking a new-to-you recipe can be challenging. One way to streamline the process is to use silicone baking cups for “Mise en Place,” which is a French term for pre-measuring and preparing your ingredients before you begin. Measure grated cheese into one cup, sliced mushrooms in another and so on.

mise en place photo
Flickr | mealmakeovermoms

2. Lunchbox Organization

Divided containers make school lunches easy and fun. Silicone cupcake liners let you separate lunchbox items even more. Julie from the Happy Home Fairy recommends using colorful cups to add a pop of color while keeping foods apart.

Happy Home Fairy

3. Organize Drawers

Whether you have an overabundance of office supplies or a cramped and cluttered junk drawer, muffin liners can help. The silicone cups don’t slip or slide and the size is just right for everything from spare change to thumbtacks to paper clips.

desk drawer photo
Flickr | byzantiumbooks

4. Keep Cupholders Clean

AAA reports that Americans spend nearly 300 hours per year in their cars. Maintaining a tidy ride can be tough, but muffin liners can help. Pop the silicone cups into your vehicle’s cupholders. You can swap them out with clean ones whenever necessary.

car cupholder photo
Flickr | Elizabeth/Table4Five

5. Condiment Cups

Don’t you hate it when the ketchup runs across your plate and gets your hamburger bun soggy? Keep condiments contained by squeezing or spooning them into silicone cupcake liners. Kids will especially love having their own little cups for dipping.

condiment photo
Getty Images | Joe Raedle

6. Microwave Melting

Silicone cups are microwave-safe and make for easy cleanup. Use them for melting small amounts of food for baking or cooking, such as butter, candy melts or chocolate chips. You could even melt a couple different items at once.

Flickr | Bharat Mirchandani

7. Jello Shots

Delicious, alcohol-laden Jello shots can be a fun and festive addition to an adult gathering. Whip them up in silicone baking cups to give them a cupcake-like appearance. You can even add frosting, like Erica from Erica’s Sweet Tooth did. Cleanup is super simple, as well.

Erica's Sweet Tooth

8. Hands-Free Garlic Peeler

Silicone garlic peelers are available, but there’s no need to purchase a separate gadget. Simply wrap a cupcake liner around the clove and roll it back and forth. The silicone grips the skin and peels it away.

garlic photo
Flickr | grongar

9. Prep Breakfast

A nutritious morning meal is important, but who has time to whip up a hot weekday breakfast? You do, when you make a batch of old-fashioned oatmeal on the weekend and divide it into silicone cups. Put the muffin liners full of cooked oats in the freezer and pop them out of the liners into a freezer bag once they’re solid. Any time you want steamy oatmeal, reheat one in a microwave safe bowl and add your favorite toppings.

oatmeal to go photo
Flickr | Martha W McQuade

10. Poach Eggs

Making poached eggs can seem intimidating, but silicone baking cups can make it a doable dish. Crack an egg into a greased muffin cup and place it in boiling water. You can find step-by-step instructions at Frugal Nutrition.

Frugal Nutrition

11. Arts & Crafts

Encouraging creativity in your kids can be fun — but also messy. Use silicone liners to corral crayons, catch paint drips and act as Play-Doh molds. You can even make edible fingerpaint in them.

Muffin Tin Mommy

12. Make Chocolate Cups

Create a dessert so delectable your guests will want to eat the bowl — and they can! Melt some chocolate and then coat the silicone cups with it. Freeze the cups to harden, pop out the chocolate mini-bowls and fill with something yummy and sweet.

Lexi's Clean Kitchen