This genius wine glass necklace is a game changer for wine lovers

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If you’ve been searching for the perfect, yet functional necklace, this might be just what you were looking for.

Let us introduce you to the wine glass necklace. Available on Amazon for an affordable price of just $7.99, you’ll never again have to worry about being at a party and not having both hands to hold your scrumptious little plate of appetizers while simultaneously trying to juggle that glass of wine, while also trying to, you know, eat and chat all at the same time.


This hands-free wine glass holder will comfortably allow you to enjoy your wine on the go and, according to the product description, the “sassy neoprene sling holds your wine glass when you need both hands for other pursuits.” Sweet.

This latest product invention geared toward wine lovers is also equipped with a rubberized lining for extra gripping power, and its adjustable strap with a drop of 8 to 16 inches allows you to achieve the perfect fit for your newest accessory, no matter how full the glass.

The unique little booze-holding sling has so far received 3.9 stars out of 5 when it comes to rating the product on Amazon. Some customers, such as Sandy, couldn’t be happier: “You don’t have to juggle your glass while filling your plate or eating your finger foods off a paper plate. I loved it so much I ordered 6 more.”

One user even provided a useful tip in her product review. Charlene22 says, “It works great since the glass holds a full bottle of wine.”

But others aren’t so sure. Take for example Isabella, who wrote, “If you have boobs, it’s gonna spill.”

So maybe you’re the type who isn’t ready to wear your wine around your neck, and that’s okay. Because there are plenty of other fun products that allow drinking your wine just about anywhere a whole lot easier, including the SipCaddy, a portable suction cup holder that can hold anything from wine glasses to beer cans.

And for the low price of $13.95, it’s one affordable game-changer.


Or if you prefer to just drink an entire bottle of wine in one pour, there are wine glasses on the market with your name on it, such as this giant wine glass that claims to hold an entire bottle of wine:


If anything, it’s comforting to know product designers are continually thinking of new ways for us to enjoy our favorite beverage.

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