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The 2017 Gerber Baby Couldn’t Be More Adorable If He Tried

Just look at him!

Every year since 2010, there’s been a contest to name the next Gerber baby. The Gerber baby for 2017 has just been selected, and 7-month-old absolute cutie Riley Shines has been chosen to represent the brand.

He and his parents, Kristen and Devin Shines, win a $50,000 prize and $1,500 in Gerber children’s wear along with seeing their baby in an official Gerber ad.

The infant from Lewis Center, Ohio, was selected through a photo contest, which had around 110,000 applicants in total.

“People will stop us and say, ‘He needs to model,'” the 7-month-old baby’s mom, told Us Weekly. “I’ve always joked around that my goal is to get his face on a diaper box, but this is way bigger and better!”

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And with an adorable little face like this, it’s no wonder Riley was selected. Lucky for us, Us Weekly points out that the baby’s year will be documented on Gerber’s social media. So, we’ll be seeing a lot of little Mr. Shines all throughout 2017.

“This year, the judges loved Riley’s expression and how well he captured their attention through a simple photograph,” Gerber’s Senior Promotions Marketing Manager, Robyn Fitter, explained in a press release. “We are all thrilled to name Riley as our 2017 Spokesbaby!”

Apparently, Riley’s just as lovable in person as he is in the photograph.

“He’s a laid-back guy,” his dad told Us Weekly. “He only gets fussy when he needs to nap or if he has a wet diaper. Even when he’s hungry he’ll just kind of hint at you like, ‘Hey, I could use some more food.’”

This agreeable guy is in store for a great year ahead representing the Gerber brand, and the parents already have plans of how this will also help his future.

“Now, we have the opportunity to start a college fund for our beautiful baby boy,” proud mom, Kristin, said.

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