This City Will Pay You $10,000 To Move There For A Year

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Usually moving to a new city involves shelling out a lot of money, but one U.S. city is actually paying people to move there. The George Kaiser Family Foundation is offering $10,000 grants to entice people to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and work remotely from the city for a year. The project is called Tulsa Remote, and is funded by the foundation with support from the city of Tulsa and other community organizations.

Grant recipients will receive $2,500 for relocation expenses and $500 monthly stipends for the year they spend living in Tulsa. At the end of the year, they will also receive an additional $1,500. Participants will also be able to live in new, furnished apartments in the Tulsa Arts District for a third off the base price, plus free utilities, for the first three months.

They’ll also get free work space at 36 Degrees North as well as professional development opportunities like monthly workshops.

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The program’s creators hope it will score the city some permanent residents.

“To me it’s not a success if someone just moves here, puts in their time for a year, and then they head out,” Kevin Levi, GKFF executive director, told Tulsa World. “The goal is to give them that Tulsa embrace so they’ll be active in the community, enjoy our music and arts and food. And maybe in a year, they’ll say, ‘I love this place. I’m staying.'”

Those interested in this opportunity can apply online. They will need to do an online interview and may have in-person interviews as well. The GKFF is not yet sure how many applicants will be accepted.

Participants must provide proof of employment, and work for a business that is based outside of Tulsa County or be self-employed outside of Tulsa County. Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

Tulsa is not the first U.S. city to try and lure new residents and workers using monetary incentives. There’s a similar program in Vermont, wherein eligible remote workers can receive up to $5,000 per year, not to exceed $10,000 over two years, to live and work there. Other communities in states like Minnesota, Alaska, Connecticut and Indiana are also offering similar incentives to attract new residents.


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