Custom, life-size cardboard cutouts make the perfect gag gift or party decor

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Whether you’re getting married, going away to college or just getting a gag gift for your friend, there are plenty of occasions in which delivering a cardboard cutout of yourself, celebrity or even a pet may be the appropriate gift — or at the very least, a hilarious one.

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Thankfully, there’s a service that allows you to customize cardboard cutouts. So when the event arises, you’ll be prepared to give the best gift ever.

A company called Custom Cardboard Standees offers you the chance to upload any photo and have it turned into a life-sized cardboard cutout.

Prices start at $16.99 for cutouts that are 1 foot tall or under and range by size, maxing out at $252.99 for a 9-foot, 10-inch tall cutout. So if you’re hoping to take a 3-foot cardboard version of your pet into the office, it’ll cost just $60.99 to do so.

Conversely, you could go big and make your pet larger-than-life like one customer did, as shown on @CutoutStandees’ official Twitter/X account:

You could also opt for one of the company’s “BigHeads,” perfect for sporting events:

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Standees also make great additions to kids’ birthday parties:

No matter how you use them, you’ve got to admit that the whole cardboard cutout idea is fun and unique — and won’t be easily forgotten.

The company claims that if for some reason you’re not completely pleased, they’ll give you your money back.

Of course, this company isn’t the only option if you’re in the market for a customizable cutout. Another website, LifeSizeCustomCutouts, allows you to have some fun with cutout creation. They’ll take orders online or over the phone.

And if you’re looking for a cardboard cutout of a celebrity, movie character or even jungle animals (which could also be big hits at parties). In fact, one teen took a cutout of Danny DeVito to her prom.

On Amazon, you can find everything from cutouts of Buddy the Elf to cutouts of tigers.

cardboard cutout of Buddy the Elf

$60 at Amazon


$60 at Amazon

If you were in need of some creative gift inspiration, now you have it. So, what creative way will you use a cardboard cutout? Oh, the possibilities!

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