Chocolate-covered strawberry brownies are the perfect Valentine’s Day dessert

Chocolate and strawberries are a match made in food heaven. There is something wonderful that happens when the fresh sweetness of strawberries gets surrounded by rich, creamy chocolate. And, while a chocolate-covered strawberry is fantastic, it’s even better when it’s incorporated into a fabulous baked dessert.

That’s why we’re excited to share a chocolate-covered strawberry brownie recipe we found that could be perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any occasion deserving a decadent dessert.

This recipe for chocolate-covered strawberry brownies was created by Becky Hardin at The Cookie Rookie. She calls these brownies a “dream” because they are created with layers of chocolate brownies and then a creamy strawberry filling, topped with a layer of melted chocolate. We think chocolate-covered strawberries are great, but if you can enjoy that flavor and have a brownie? That’s a winning combination.

The Cookie Rookie

These strawberry brownies look pretty as a picture — and like they are complicated to make. But Hardin’s recipe makes it easy enough for anyone to whip up. In fact, they take less than an hour to mix up and bake, even though there is no pre-packaged brownie mix used here. That’s right, these beautiful pink-and-brown delights are completely homemade!

The brownie base is made with ingredients you probably already have on hand, with two exceptions: salted butter and a can of chocolate syrup. The full recipe shows you just how easy it is to make a from-scratch brownie instead of buying a box mix.

But what really makes these brownies stand out from the pack is the creamy strawberry filling. With only three ingredients, it’s hard to believe something so simple can completely transform this dessert. All you need is salted butter, powdered sugar and strawberry jam or jelly.

The Cookie Rookie

Hardin also breaks down just how to get that classic chocolate-covered strawberry texture on top of the strawberry brownies, so you’ll have a chocolate coating that breaks apart perfectly when you bite into it.

You will need to wait for about 30 minutes for the top layer of chocolate to set up, but we think it’s worth the time!