Get A Cordless Hoover Vacuum Via Amazon Deal Of The Day (56% Off)—Lowest Price Yet

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With a young child now, I’ve quickly realized that the floors need constant cleaning. Combine a young kid with a dog, and it’s pretty much a daily routine.

We have a great corded vacuum that we’ve used for years, but we were looking for something a little more easy and portable that we could whip out throughout the day.

I was a doing a bit of research and came across the Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum. What really jumped out was the massive amount of positive reviews. Over 7,000 4-star reviews on Amazon.

Reviewers say the charge lasts about 20 minutes, which is plenty of time to do our kitchen and living room. It also handles both carpet and hardwood floors, which is a requirement for our house.

However, the price at the time was a little more than I wanted to spend. So earlier this week, I set up a price alert on CamelCamelCamel to notify me when a good deal was coming. And this morning, I got an email showing a huge price drop. Sure enough, there is an Amazon flash sale for today only and the cordless vacuum is on sale for $87.

The Hoover is listed for $199, it typically sells for around $122 (according to CamelCamelCamel) and right now it’s on sale for $87. That’s 56 percent off the listed price! As you can see below, this is the lowest price for the vacuum. I also compared the Best Buy price – it’s listed at $149.99.

Enjoy that clean house!