Get Excited! Disney Is Making A Live-Action ‘Snow White’ Movie

No matter how old you are, Disney always brings magic and delight to even the grayest of days. I mean, look at it!


Disney offers us a place where fairy tales do exist, where magic is real, and where every story ends with a “happily ever after.” And, now, Disney is bringing a modern touch to their most beloved classic: “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

As reported by People, a new live-action version of “Snow White” is on its way. As proved by the success of recent Disney updates like “Maleficent,” there is definitely an audience for new, unique twists on our favorite Disney classics. The live-action version is rumored to include new music as well as an updated storyline.

Details are few right now, so we have to rely on our imaginations to guide us when wondering what the reboot could have in store. We do know that the script will be written by “The Girl on The Train” screenwriter, Erin Cressida Wilson, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

In terms of timing, we are probably a couple years away from seeing this film on-screen. In the meantime, we have the live-action “Beauty and the Beast” starring Emma Watson to look forward to in March of 2017, as well as live-action versions of “The Lion King,” “Mulan” and “Aladdin” in the works!

The original “Snow White” helped to make Walt Disney a household name back in 1937, but it did not come without sacrifice. The budget was so large ($1.5 million, which was astronomical for the time period) that Disney had to mortgage his home in order to pay for the film.

And here’s a another little-known fact (which is also pretty hilarious): As Buzzfeed shares, several of the seats at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall had to be replaced after the first showing of “Snow White,” because young children were so frightened by the Wicked Queen that they peed their pants!


Hey, can you blame them? That Wicked Queen was no joke! In fact, the actor Lucille La Verne actually removed her dentures in order to create such a spooky cadence when she was doing her lines. How terrifying was that snarling voice! It still gives me chills.

Here’s hoping that the live-action remake gives us the same chills… without making us wet our seats, of course!