Get half off any Starbucks macchiato with this coupon

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Need a little afternoon pick-me-up? You’re in luck because Starbucks is offering a rare coupon for half off any macchiato right now.

To get the coupon, visit the Starbucks website and enter your mobile number. Starbucks will text you the coupon, which is good from now until June 28.

You can only use the coupon once, and it’s limited to one per person.

The coupon is good for any macchiato, which means you can get one of Starbuck’s many macchiato options (and it feels like there are a lot these days, am I right?).

There’s a coconut milk mocha macchiato (hot).

And the iced cinnamon almond milk macchiato (cold).

And the always classic caramel macchiato (hot or cold), which people on the internet are pretty much obsessed with. A quick scan of Twitter shows people are craving these babies pretty much all the time.

If caramel macchiatos aren’t your drink of choice, you’re in luck because Starbucks is running another in-house promotion right now. From June 27 through July 2, when you buy any grade iced espresso drink you can get one free. You must visit Starbucks between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. to take advantage of this deal.

You could score a BOGO iced mocha, iced Americano or an iced white chocolate mocha, just to name a few.

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How To Get Free Refills

Did you know you can actually get free refills at Starbucks? Saving money while purchasing coffee from Starbucks? Count me in!

Of course, it’s usually cheapest to brew your own coffee at home, but sometimes our circumstances at out of our control. If you need to stop by Starbucks on your way to work, or crash there for a few hours to get some work done in between errands, you don’t have to spend a fortune on coffee.

starbucks photo
Getty Images | Ben Pruchnie

According to Starbucks Customer Service, in-store refills are real—but there are a few catches:

  • First, as stated, the refills are only available for in-store purchases made with a registered Starbucks Card or the mobile app.
  • This only applies to hot, iced or cold brew coffee beverages (so, none of the fancy stuff) or hot or iced tea.
  • You must take advantage of the refill before leaving the store. So, if you like to take your time, read some news and sip on a coffee without leaving the Starbucks sitting area, be sure to grab another cup before you head off to work.
  • Refills are not available through drive-thru.

So, there’s a specific set of rules that goes along with enjoying a second cup of Starbucks for free. But hey, free coffee is free coffee, after all. If that second cup of joe is worth it to you, you’ll definitely want to be sure you purchase with a Starbucks Card or mobile app and request a refill before leaving the store.

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From coupons to secret menu items, there are plenty of ways to maximize your Starbucks experience, and getting free refills is definitely a good start. If you’re not a Starbucks expert just yet, don’t worry—there’s plenty of coffee to have and plenty of time to learn how to save money when buying it.