Get light-up Toms for you and the kids this holiday season

There’s nothing cuter than getting the entire family to match for the annual Christmas card but, this year, you can forego the ugly sweaters and get matching footwear instead. Toms has created fun, light-up, holiday-themed shoes that everyone is sure to love.

The design features a string of Christmas lights that run from heel to toe, with each individual bulb glowing in the dark. The nice thing is, you don’t have to worry about one bulb burning out and ruining the entire strand! Phew!

The shoes come in sizes 5–12 for women, sizes 2–11 for toddlers and 12–6 for older kids. They’re available on the Toms website for $36-54.95, depending on the size.

Look at how festive these are:


And here’s what they look like all lit up:


The Toms website describes these shoes as “perfect for sneaking down the stairs while the kids are asleep and eating the cookies and filling the stockings…but we all know Santa does that.” We envision many batches of cookies being made, Christmas photos being taken and gifts being opened, all while wearing these comfy, cozy shoes.

What do the usual Toms devotees think? Adults online see this as a way for them to finally be able to pull off the whole “light-up” shoe thing as a grown-up. “This could fulfill my childhood dream of having light up shoes,” one Twitter user wrote, proving that these comfy kicks really are perfect for all ages, young and old.

Toms also has holiday-themed penguin, reindeer and plaid designs that are great for the holidays, too.


How cute!

And if you want the entire family to match this season—including the dog—we’ve got you covered. Between the footwear and the fleece pajama options, you and your family can dress alike all holiday season long. Forget the tree. Matching family clothing—that’s what the holidays are all about!